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Service Agreement

By visiting the website www.jamesbakercpa.com/service-agreement and/or submitting a completed order, you are entering into a CONTRACT with Baker Tax & Advisory Group LLC and agree to the following:

We render the following services:When you become a client of our company, JB Corporate Services LLC and we have contractual obligations; you as an individual and/or third party, agree to the contractual obligations that follow:James Baker, CPABaker Tax & Advisory Group LLC

1- All services are to be paid for at the time of order.

2- You are personally liable for your agreed financial obligations to JB Corporate Services LLC and said obligation shall be paid in full prior to any work being initiated by JB Corporate Services LLC.

3- JB Corporate Services LLC obligation to contact you for timely filings is dependent on you keeping JB Corporate Services LLC apprised of your current contact information. Please keep us advised of your most current email address, telephone numbers, and postal address.

4- As a participant of JB Corporate Services LLC 's Wyoming Address & Mail Forwarding service, you agree to have our company name and corresponding suite number on all mail to be forwarded. You further agree that each address/mail account shall have one primary contact. Any mail received without proper labeling as set forth in this agreement, shall incur additional charges.

5- The initial party and/or agent entering into this contract for the formation of the entity agrees to the foregoing terms and conditions.

6- You agree as the individual or agent that at any time you are thirty (30) days in arrears, JB Corporate Services LLC as the Organizer and/or Registered Agent may resign as registered agent, dissolve the entity and advise governmental authorities of said action.

7- You agree and allow JB Corporate Services LLC to attest to: The act of affixing and executing the following signature is made with the present intent to identify myself as the authorized person signing this document and with the present intent to authenticate my signature as such. I am declaring, under penalty of perjury, that the information I am about to submit to the Secretary of State for the State of Wyoming is true and correct, is not submitted for any improper purpose, and that I am authorized to submit the information. I understand it is unlawful to submit any illegal, unauthorized, fraudulent, deceitful, forged, deceptive, defamatory, illicit, or improper information, as defined by state and federal law, to the Secretary of State, and agree to indemnify the Secretary of State, and any other parties entitled thereto, for any damages incurred for any unlawful, unauthorized, fraudulent, deceitful, forged, deceptive, defamatory, illicit, or improper information, as defined by the federal and state law, submitted to the Secretary of State by my use of this electronic filing system.

I further understand that I may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties for submitting any unlawful unauthorized, fraudulent, deceitful, forged, deceptive, defamatory, illicit, or improper information, as defined by federal and state law. I understand and agree that all information submitted is the property of the Secretary of State, and may be monitored for all lawful purposes. I further understand that during such monitoring, all information, including personal information placed on this system, may be examined, copied, and used for any authorized purpose. I understand that I am responsible for any errors or omissions in the input of information and that I am also responsible for reviewing all information for completeness and correctness prior to submission.

8- JB Corporate Services LLC reserves the right to resign as the registered agent for any entity without notice.

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