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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In which state should I form my LLC if I live in the USA?

    If you live in the USA, form your LLC in the state where you are physically located. For example, if you live in California, form your LLC in California.

    In what state should I form my LLC if I do NOT live in the USA?

    If you do NOT live in the USA, we recommend that you create your LLC in Wyoming. Why Wyoming? Wyoming is the best state, the friendliest with foreigners and non-US residents. Wyoming LLCs offer the best asset protection laws, no state taxes or capital gains, offers the lowest annual maintenance fee of $50/year, anonymous ownership (names of members not disclosed) and laws very favorable to foreigners. If you live abroad and are a US citizen, form your LLC in the state where you live when you return home for a visit.

    What type of Company entity should I form for my business?

    The most common business entity is an LLC. By forming an LLC, you create protection between your business and what you personally own, so that if your business is sued or if you owe money to creditors, then your personal assets (such as your personal bank account, home, cars, property, investments or anything you personally own) will not be touched. If you are a resident of the USA. And you'll make more than $70K a year, then S-Corporation might be a better option to save more on taxes. If you have any further questions about which business entity is right for you, please ask by booking a call here or email us at [email protected]

    Do I need to provide any documents to get started?

    No documents are required to start your business in the USA. You only need to answer our admission questions to get started and determine the plan to follow.

    How long does the process take?

    Once you start, we will personally review your admission responses to make sure we are setting up your US business in the state that is most convenient for you. We will then do all the filing for you and contact you via email to complete the filings and provide you with all your documents. The approximate time it takes depends on the state in which we form your LLC. The approximate time it takes is 1 to 4 weeks.

    What are the benefits of starting my company in the USA?

    When you start your company in the USA, you will be able to:

    ✅ Work anywhere in the world

    ✅ Be your own boss.

    ✅ Open a bank account in the USA.

    ✅ Get a USA credit card. In order to start earning points (for free travel and hotel stays)

    ✅ Accept payments from USA customers.

    ✅ Protect your personal assets from commercial debts and lawsuits.

    What this means is that if something happens to your business, your personal assets, such as your personal bank account, your car, and your home, will be protected.

    All smart 6 figure entrepreneurs form their LLC or corporation first before they do anything.

    What is included in the commercial services offered?

    Right now we have several levels of accompaniment, but all our packages include:

    ✅ LLC company registration.

    ✅ Dedicated registered agent service

    ✅ Express EIN Service “Just-Sign”

    ✅ Personalized operating agreement.

    ✅ All state filing fees included.

    ✅ Search for availability of trade names.

    ✅ Complete business welcome kit.

    ✅ All communications with the Secretary of State so you don't have to.

    ✅ 30-minute tax assessment with an expert accountant to help you save money on taxes. ✅ Post-incorporation advice and support for 12 months.

    Do I need a US address to open my company in the US?

    No, you do not need a US address to start your company in the US. You can provide an international mailing address where you can receive your EIN. We also include the Registered Agent service in our tailored Business Service, which is the only state requirement related to physical address. Our registered agent service allows you to form an LLC in the USA, without a US address

    Can you help me open a bank account in the USA?

    Once you complete your process, we support you in opening your accounts with guaranteed banks so that you can start your operations, without having to travel to the USA.

    What am I responsible for after my company is established in the USA?

    Starting a company in the USA carries recurring obligations after your business is registered, which include:

    ✅ Maintain a Registered Agent where you can receive important documents from the Secretary of State after your business is registered.

    ✅ File annual reports and pay fees in the state where your company was formed.

    ✅ Meet the business license requirements of any state or city, depending on the location and type of business.

    ✅ Pay federal, state and municipal taxes each calendar year in which your business is active, even if you do NOT generate income from your business, this will depend on your activity and type of business.

    As a tax advisor and tax expert in the USA, I help entrepreneurs and investors to expand to the United States with confidence and ease, so our advice is complete, including in the area of tax planning.

    Can I expedite the filing of my LLC?

    Yes, most states offer expedited filing for an additional fee.

    What kind of company in the USA should I start?

    Every business is different and each has different benefits. On calls with our clients and I explain what type of company is best for them and how to comply with US laws. What we can assure you is that many of our clients are currently making money with these types of businesses: Amazon FBA, e-commerce, consulting, software, marketing, real estate, wholesale, management, investment, development and sales.

    What makes your service better than others?

    Our clients support us and a trajectory of several years helping professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world, mainly from Latin America. But mainly, our team is made up of licensed tax advisors who have the necessary experience to advise you on the creation of your company in the USA and on the services that you additionally require. Our offices are located in Miami, Colombia, and Ukraine. We have created a network of professionals such as lawyers and tax consultants in the main cities of Latin America, so that they can advise you directly and personalized right in the country where you are. We are ready, and we have prepared ourselves to give you the comprehensive advice you need.

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